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What If You Were Invisible for a Day?

World peace. Not sure how I’d do this because I’d be invisible, which, if anything… would be a hindrance, but it’s a good starting point. You might think we haven’t cracked the whole ‘invisibility’ malarkey. You might think there’s nobody invisible wandering around our streets – if scientists had cracked this, we would know! Or would we? You see, they’re keeping the aliens and the super toast under wraps after all. But how would you know if that breath on the back of your neck isn’t some weirdo wearing an invisibility cloak? How would you know the reason your bathroom door wouldn’t shut was because some invisible creep had fallen over trying to get in, although that would explain all the screaming. Well, I have news for you, readers. Scientists are working on invisibility and I do wonder if it’s gonna be a good thing for planet Earth, like the internet (mostly) or if it’s gonna be like when we started genetically modifying plants and the sunflowers rose up and they killed everyone trapping us inside a computer generated world and – shit, forget I said that…