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Does the Ghostly Scarecrow Exist?

Huay Nam Rak, Thailand. August 31st, 2005. A tiny, unassuming and traditional village. Between 8 and 8:30 on that Wednesday morning, 51-year-old Sawaeng Bunratchasak was out riding his bicycle when he spied a strange and mysterious creature in a rice field owned by 69-year-old Ti Kitkangbon. From a distance, he was convinced it was a scarecrow, but there was something off. Something wasn’t right. He decided to take a closer look. As he edged nearer and nearer, he soon realised what he saw was no scarecrow but a living creature, not a scarecrow, something else, something clearly breathing. Staring off into the distance. Suddenly, the creature’s head jolted into life and slowly moved toward Bunratchasak, its blood red eyes staring right at him. The silence of the morning was broken by Bunratchasak’s screams, as he ran with haste back to the village…

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