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Would You Visit Earth-9?

At the centre of the beating heart of the world of DC Comics is the multiverse, and trying to figure it out is about as easy as trying to figure out how trees work. Imagine the Earth is a blue marble. Now imagine you have lots of green marbles. Now scatter those marbles across and around the blue marble. That’s the multiverse. Lots of Earths in lots of fictional universes often interacting with one another and affecting one another in a way that makes one’s brain turn to mush. Some of them don’t even have names, in which case, I’ll step in and give them names, like Earth-Biff. Anywho, today we’re taking a trip to Earth-9. This is a world where Superman took control of the world and ruled with an iron fist for decades, causing waves of destruction and making all other superheroes illegal, imprisoning many and driving many more underground. It’s also a world where you’ll find the wonderfully named Kid Psycho. I could tell you more about him, but I think it’s best we all just bask in the magnificence of that name…

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