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What Are Your Thoughts on Lipstick?

FOUR POUNDS OF LIPSTICK! That’s like… the same weight as THREE basketballs! THAT’S how much lipstick a women eats, on average, in her lifetime. And sure, this might be accidental, but there’s a very real chance it is deliberate and for that, I am HUGELY concerned. I mean, that can’t be good for you, can it? Yes, it does contain lead, but only in America do the lead levels EXCEED the safe amount because… America, amaright? Now, I’ve never worn lipstick because I’m a man so… no surprises there, then. But I do know that lipstick is HUGELY popular and that its history is rife with prostitutes, a fabulous Washington, witchcraft and ALL kinds of kooky ingredients. Why, early lipsticks were made of animal fat, ox marrow, human saliva, crocodile poop and fish scales, that one still used today in most lipsticks. Oh, and sheep sweat. Yes. That was once an ingredient of lipstick. Ah, strap in, there’s plenty more of that to come…