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Do You Enjoy a Trip to the Hairdressers?

You see, when I was a real boy, I used to visit the barbers once every few months. I was never big on style. Or popularity. Or anything even approaching a workable social life. Sigh. So my hair was often left to ruin, to go all shaggy, floppy, sticky-uppy and all manner of adjectives one would not normally associate with hair. Unintentioned electrical shock bouffant. At which point, a quick trip to the barbers was a necessity, along with a hairbrush. And, sometimes, some hair gel. Oh yes, I do know I said I wasn’t all about the style, but I only used the hair gel to keep my hair from sticking up, whereas most young teenage boys my age were busy trying to keep their hair up to impress the girls. I know I’ve never been a teenage girl, but really… does that work? This post is ageing me terribly, isn’t it? I won’t, then, mention all the times I witnessed boys trying to impress the girls with their Tamagotchis. “Oh yes, Lisa, Butch has been alive for three hours now…” That happened once. In English. Three hours back then was impressive. The girls didn’t seem interested, but you know how persistent teenage boys can be…

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