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Are Peaches Really so Great?

Gonna eat me a lot of peaches… that’s a reference for the kids. But are peaches really so great? Well, in 1995, The Presidents of the United States of America unleashed ‘Peaches’ onto the world and thus was born one of the greatest songs ever written. It’s said to be about a boy sitting under a peach tree waiting for his crush so he can splurt out his feelings for her. For normals, it’s clearly a song written by someone who was very, very high. I don’t know much about peaches. I know the Italians call them pesca, which translates as ‘fish’. Weirdly. The Chinese up their game with tao – person. The Bulgarians, meanwhile, go completely mad with praskova – translating as, erm… crack. Genuinely. And then there’s the Danish word for peach. Fersken. Erm… moving on…