Post Fifty

Do You Like Wooden Floors Or Carpet Floors?

I’m sorry, what now? Come on, Jules! I hired you for a reason. One more stunt like this and I’m rehiring Gary. Why – why did I just type that? Or that. Oh heck, stop it, fingers.

Well, if you’ve ever looked over the other pages of this site, you’ll be fully aware of a paragraph in the ‘about this blog’ page, or whatever it’s called, that says there will be questions on carpets. Think of it like a contract of a sewer worker. Yeah, there’s all the – business – you’ll have to wade through for minimum wage, but there’s nothing in that piece of paper about the friends you’ll make for life. That’s the true meaning of Christmas. Hang on, that’s something else entirely.

Oh well, here’s me wading through ****. But at least I have you wonderful people. Hey, hey – we’re you going? I know it’s not a good question, but don’t leave me covered in – oh, never mind. Next question.

What? Oh wait, there’s a small child tugging at my trouser leg with an awful cough dying (ahem) to know the answer. Carpet. Obviously. What kind of person likes wooden floors?

Ciao :)(:


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