Post Fifty-Two

Where Were You Three Hours Ago?

Seriously? Oh boy.

On my computer, probably. I do have an awful memory. I hardly remember a thing from even three minutes ago. My day isn’t very interesting. Kind of leaves me in a conundrum about what to write about. Hmm. Are you sure one paragraph isn’t enough? What is the dictionary definition of ‘micro-blog’?

I spend a lot of time on my computer. I sound like a loner, don’t I? Probably because I’m a loner. I spend all that time on my PC tuning up my blogs, going through the likes and follows, that kind of thing. I write my stories and work on my vector art. I look through my beloved photo back catalogue and tune up some of the photos. I look on the local paper’s website. Go on various sites. Have a mooch around on the inter-tubes.

Oh wow, it’s amazing the drivel one can come out with to fill some space. It’s a good question; I’m just dull as dishwater.

Since I’ve rather dropped the ball on this one, I’ll take this chance to thank you all for all the hits. It took me a good six months to get to 200 hits on my main site so achieving that in less time really means a lot to me. I know, I’m feeling rather soppy today.

Ciao :)(:


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