Post Fifty-Five

Is There Anything In The Room That You Are In That Is Pink?

Now, now. It’s not a sexist question. I fully understand not all girls are into pink things. But it’s a common belief, and that’s what this question is based on. And I reiterate, these questions are practically pulled out of a hat and answered immediately. I need a reviewer. Jules!

Yes, actually, but not walls, cell phones, pillows or – oh, I can’t say that. But yes, I do have many a pink thing. I’m actually in my bedroom and just in front of me I can see a pink beach towel. Not that I ever go to the beach, I just use it as a regular towel. Seriously, beach towels – so much better than regular towels. What else? Err, oh – not a lot actually. The only other thing that I can lay my eyes on is a photo to my right on the wall. It’s of me and a little baby relative. I went to her Baptism and I got to hold her afterwards. In the photo, she’s holding tightly onto a little pink comfort blanket. Fidgeting. Little pink bow. Staring at some food. Looking quite hungry. Very, very sweet.

And then there’s the baby…

Ciao :)(:


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