Post Fifty-Eight

When Was The Last Time You Ran?

Do I really sound like the type of bloke who runs a lot? Or at all, for that matter? What it is about me that shouts out ‘he’s a runner’? Well, the question may be referring to non-athleticism. In which case I say ‘how insulting’. Running in a non-athletic way would suggest criminal activity. You see, that’s insulting, because a good criminal never has to run. Running means that they’ve been caught, and that’s not a competent criminal. I’d like to think that you thought more of me. Do I come across as an incompetent criminal? I mean, I’d agree with you if you said ‘incompetent fool’, but – hang, on, what was the question?

Ah yes, running, that lovingly old past time enjoyed around the world by – er, runners. I’m not a runner. Of either kind. So the last time I ran will probably be a while back. I’m really trying hard to think when this action would have taken place. I was going to say when I hurt my knee, which I think I talked about in an earlier post. But on reflection, I’m going to say ‘for the bus’. Sodding things never come on time.

It’s a sign I really need to get into shape when I feel faint after a 100 yard burst to catch the bus.

I’d like to use this last paragraph as a chance to say sorry for there being no post on Monday. I’ve been a bit in the wars in the past few days (migraines, a really bad cold, low blood sugar, bowls surrounding me full of my insides). I don’t get ill very often, but when I do, it hits me all at once like an episode of House. Ah, it never rains but it pours. For those of you pissed off at the fact that they’re only two posts this week and indeed for anyone in general, I’ve added a bit to my Extras Tab on my third site (link on the right), and I’ll have some more additions soon but I haven’t been able to finish them for today (hopefully for Thursday). Think of it as my love letter to you. No, don’t that’s an awful analogy.

Ciao :)(:

One comment

  1. I don’t know, if I nick something, I’ll be running. Not necessarily on my tired limbs but running nevertheless. Somehow, that makes me feel that I have actually put in the effort, which makes it all right to claim stolen property as my own.

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