Post Fifty-Nine

Do You Have Any Hidden Talents?

Yeah, but I can’t find them (ba-dum-tish).

No, of course not. This question goes to prove how accidentally against the grain I am. Everyone has a hidden talent, but not me. No, no – not boring old Ally. No, I just sit here all day long wondering why I’m so different and not in a good way.

Let’s see. Hidden talents. Erm. I can’t play the guitar. Or any instrument. Heck, I failed the triangle exam. I can’t sing. I can’t do accents. I can’t do tricks. I’m not good much that is hidden. But I’m not very good at being self-complimentary, either, so that goes a long way to explaining why I’m struggling with this. I might be able to name ‘talents’, but, alas, as far as ‘hidden’ talents, sadly no. None whatsoever.

I told you I was as dull as dishwater.

Ciao :)(:


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