Post Sixty-Three

Where Were You On December 31, 1999?

Here. Why do you ask? Oh right, that’s the point. I’ll get it one of these days, I promise I will.

I can’t remember, actually, but I was nine, so, probably nothing interesting. I mean, what was there for a nine-year-old to do in 1999? Playstation was crap. I’d never heard of a cell phone and only rich business types could afford them anyway. The internet we have now was only two or thereabouts and nobody could afford it. I didn’t have a TV. I had the same books I had when I was a kid. I had one friend who I had drifted apart from. My brother’s were always at work or out so I never went anywhere with them or ever saw them. Mum and dad were always working as well, so I was always home alone and never saw them, either. I tell you, I couldn’t make dinner then and I can’t now. The difference being that nowadays I set the kitchen on fire.

We actually have a tradition in this house, which I’ve mentioned in my main blog so I won’t mention again here, so it’s likely I was doing that. With mum and dad. I’ve spent every New Year’s of my life with them. Except this one year when they left me home alone to go to a barbecue, which I wasn’t invited to.

I tell you, there’s nothing better than spending New Year’s alone in a darkened room watching that London being set on fire.

Ciao :)(:


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