Post Sixty-Four

Have You Ever Camped?

No, do I look like a hippy?

You see, there’s a long list of things everyone has done in life, things that are so common that it’s reasonable to suggest that less than 1% of every Human Being hasn’t done them. I’m often left perplexed as to how people encounter these things in their lives. Probably through friends and family, one of which I have but never see and other I don’t have at all. I could probably have my own version of My Name Is Earl but instead have the list of common things I haven’t done. On this list is camping.

I imagine camping was popular in the early to mid 1900s with families going on trips to remote havens that were full of other families, so not so remote. Then it was the hippies occupying various places trying to fight for lost causes. Recently? Hmm, I think tents have become cool with the youths. They go on camping weekends. I think what I’ve done in that paragraph is sum up the history of camping pretty well.

So no, I’ve never been camping with my family or these imaginary friends. Or by myself because that’s rather boring. Plus, I don’t think transplanting me and my track record of living alone into the middle of nowhere with no hospital anywhere nearby is a good idea.

Ciao :)(:


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