Post Sixty-Six

Do You Have To Get Up To Visit The Toilet During The Night?

You see, this is what sets this blog apart from the others. I don’t just answer some questions, I answer every question that I can hunt down on the web tubes. Think of it as my way of saying thanks for all your support. You visit the site, you get this. I can only apologize.

You may recall an earlier post where I said that I was incredibly accidentally against the grain, and not necessarily in a good way. Well, here’s another take on that sheer dullness that enriches my being.

Allow me to explain: I’ve never met a single Human Being who, in their entire lives, has never needed to visit the loo during the night, or indeed has ever been through such a phase. Not even when they’re ill. Now, I consider someone in the one percent who has never needed to go during the night rather rare and quite a find. And before you, is such a person. I can categorically say that my body, even when I’m ill, has never waked me up to go to pee. Not once. Ever. In 21 years.

Either I’m rather unusual or I might need to visit a doctor.

Ciao :)(:

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