Post Sixty-Eight

What Would You Like To Know About The Future?

I’d like to know if everything is going to be alright. I’d like to know if this ‘future’ you speak of is more than just a seven-letter word. Oh heck. I would also like to know if I will ever learn to spell.

Life is rich in uncertainty (yes, I’m moaning about life – yes, I’m turning into Larry David). We can’t know the future. Unless you’re that bloke who could tell the future. You know the guy. He’s called Michael and he lives at Number 42.

I wouldn’t like to know anything about the future. Kinda ruins the surprise. Even though I hate surprises. Except that one. So I guess I don’t completely hate surprises. Although the future isn’t a surprise. You don’t jump with shock when every little thing happens to you. Unless you’re getting electrocuted. In which case, you’re probably being pounded by ambulance folk. I could’ve worded that better. I wonder if they’d like to know the future. For most people, it’s the last thing they’re thinking about when they’re getting pou- yes, ahem.

One can wonder about the future. I wonder if all my problems will go away. I wonder if I’ll ever be the man I want to be. I wonder if everything is going to be okay. I wonder these things because I’m scared about the unknown.

And who’s to know about the unknown?

Ciao :)(:

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