Post Sixty-Nine

What Time Is It Where You Live?

I thought for my sixty-ninth post, I’d freshen things up with a question from my vintage archive of useless questions that made this blog what it is today – about as likeable as a nerd in a Miss Bikini contest. In the words of John Hodgman, you’re welcome. Okay, let’s get this over with, I have that window to lick. I’m going to prove glass tastes of strawberries.

The time is two zeroes, a three and a seven. Who invented digital time? This isn’t the military, how am I supposed to use this clock? Imagine if the clock you had on your wall read in this military time. You’d be puzzled. ‘What time is it, dear?’ ‘Erm, 14 something’. I know that’s two. But I don’t want to know that. I have unnecessary knowledge. I shouldn’t have to know military time. There could be important information in that space, but instead I have another invention created by the French, who also gave the world such evils as the metric system, front wheel drive, and themselves. Why can’t technology be simple? What’s wrong with 12am? Everyone knows what that is. Why do the public really need two of something?

It’s HD DVD versus Blu Ray all over again. Stop bickering! Give me my bloody movie! It’s already bad enough. I’m watching this thing in Dolby Digital better known as DD with Surround Sound, better known as SS. And it’s on the LCD TV. I’m lost in initials here. I’m watching an HD DD SS DVD on the LCD TV. What happened to ‘put the movie on the box?’ ‘Oh, and what time should we watch it?’ ‘I dunno, like, eight’. ‘Ah, well, you see, like many things in life, it’s a personal choice, and I prefer digital. So I kind of don’t quite compute with your antiquated baloney’.

I’ll give him antiquated baloney. Right up his jacksie.

Caio :)(:

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