Post Seventy

Where Were You Three Hours Ago?

Down at the brothel. Next. Oh, right.

Where do you think? No, really. Where do you think I was? Take a guess. What was Ally doing all those hours ere? Was he skydiving? No, he can’t have been, he’s afraid of heights. Was he swimming with sharks? No, he can’t have been, he can’t swim. Also not the only problem he has with swimming with sharks. Was he on a date? Unless you’re referring to the fruit, I highly doubt it. And he doesn’t like fruit. And what are the chances of him ever going on a date. Not one date in 21 years, but I’m going to say that in the last three hours, he was definitely on one. Ooh, was he sitting in front of the TV eating chocolates to his heart’s content and worrying about if he was fat? Bingo! You win! Don’t know what you win, but you win something all right.

Yes, I was in front of the box watching, erm, Mythbusters. What? Who doesn’t like that show? It’s radical. Yes, I’m bringing back radical. Never disappeared from Australia. Plus, those chocolates were delicious.

Although I am fat.

Caio :)(:

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