Post Seventy-Three

Where Do You See Yourself In Five Minutes?

Ladies and gentleman, I give you the most pointless question of this site’s existence. It just made me laugh. I pulled this question out of the hat and could not stop laughing. Then I thought ‘how the heck am I going to answer this? It’s impossible to write a long, meaningful answer’. Then I thought I’d just blab on for a few paragraphs. How am I doing so far?

Considering I started writing this question five minutes ago, I’ll start the five minutes from the end of this sentence. I plan to shut down the computer. Then lie back in my bed and watch Criminal Intent before drifting to slumber. So there’s my answer. I plan to be laying in bed, being delighted by my favourite actor, Vincent D’Nofrio.

I hope he’s in this week’s episode. Oh hang on a minute, he’s not. No! Damn you Jeff Goldblum! Damn you to hell!

Caio :)(:

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