Post Seventy-Six

Have You Ever Held or Fired A Gun?

No. Do I look like a hooligan? Oh right, you can’t see me. Funny, that.

I don’t know why I would have ever come into contact with such a weapon. I mean, you have to get a licence and go through all those tests to make sure you’re competent. And I’m not. You have to have reports and the like over the usage of the weapons and how many you have. You have checkups. When you read about the UK having some of the strictest, if not the strictest gun laws on Earth, that’s certainly true. Yet we still have tragedies and massacres. Some, rather unfortunately, recently. You see that in the news and it just makes you think ‘why ever get involved with such a thing?’ It’s stupid. They should never have been invented.

I suppose I’m lucky. Many people have told me how unbearable my life must be never going out and never really having a friend in all my years. But there are some benefits. I suppose in countries like this where guns are common, many people’s first interaction with a gun is through peer pressure. Not having any peers eliminated that worry for me and I’m grateful for that. I’m older and wiser, now. Now I know peer pressure is pathetic and disgusting. What good does it do? Guns, drugs, cigarettes, promiscuous activities – they’re not a part of growing up, they’re a sorry veil of darkness in one’s life. And yes, before I’m called a hypocrite, I’ve never been involved in any of those things.

So no. I’m not a gun user or holder or believer. Serious post rant over. For something lighter, head over to my newly relaunched third site. Sorry, I had to get that in. I don’t do plugging very often. I also have a garage sale on Sunday.

Caio :)(:

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