Post Eighty-Three

Do You Have Any Kickknacks?

Huh? Knickers? Well, funny story. I was shopping for bread when I found myself hugging a nun in the female lingerie department of my local store. Now, I didn’t see her slip the knickers into my pocket and I ended up walking out of the store. I found myself being chased by the security guard down the high street not realizing that I was defending a personal newfound knickers stealing policy. Now, you can imagine my bewilderment as to why the nun had done that to me. Well, the story of discovering the code that led me to the gem actually begins with a barrel of rum and – oh wait, it says knickknacks. Oh, well, in that case, let me start over. It begins with bread shopping, a nun and a department store…

Knickknacks for those who’ve never heard the term are, in this context, items you have around your home, on your shelves or on your desk. I have sugar loads of knickknacks. Everywhere. I have loads of cups on my shelves with a myriad of random little items in them. Coins, personally important items, etcetera. Loads of little figures on those shelves. Many really old. Old metal toys. Very old. Tiny models of cars. A weird dancing hamster. Dice. Loads and loads of dice. I used to make a stop-motion animation that involved dice. I love dice. I can see at least ten of different colours, materials and the like. I have a little globe. More cups. Ooh, there’s a bottle opener in one of them. Other items from around the world. Two elastic band balls. A boomerang. Marbles in a glass coke bottle. Looks cool. A schnapps bottle from the cheapest off-licence on Earth, or Ibiza as it’s known. A mini-mirror ball. Old coins strategically placed. And some more stuff. Lots of oddness. I like my room.

It’s timeless.

Do you have any knickknacks, readers?

Caio :)(:

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