Post Eighty-Four

What Genre Of Music Is Your Favourite?

This is actually a held-over question, although I can’t think why. Right at the beginning of this micro-blog, I got a huge list of questions and answered a bunch. This was the fifth question but it never was uploaded. I’ve lost the answer now, hence why I’m babbling like a baboon eating Nunthorpe shortcake.

My story of tunes dates all the way back to that magical year of 2005. Man, what a year. Really memorable. No, it wasn’t. But it was special for me. I never really listened to music before that year but then my brother dragged me into the world of rock and a love affair was borne.

The raw aggressive tunes, the adrenaline of anti-establishmentarianism, the hunger for freedom and the desire for answers. It was a new era of joyful optimism mired in a world of dark ambition, a pleasurable assault on every sense and a harmonious harassment of the eardrums thundering in tune to every bare beat of the drums. It was a love affair like no other. It was a deep, meaningful connection. The world was turning against me, my friends were becoming a faint memory and I didn’t belong in any kind of realistic world. With rock, I found a home, a mass gathering in a featureless landscape full of ideals, rebellion, freedom, love, joy and reckless abandon. A source of comfort in the only form of music that is not only a lifestyle, but also a culture and a race. A proper cathedral to the God of the unknown known.

It was the biggest moment of my life discovering that world, and every time I hear a rock tune, it brings back those memories. That seed that was sown that changed my life. That changed my attitudes. That made me a leaf caught in a breeze. That changed my clothes. That changed my associations. That radically changed my language. That changed the fabric of my being.

Rock is what gave me my life, my heart and my soul.

What’s your favourite genre of music, readers?

Caio :)(:

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