If You Could Travel To Any Moon, Which One Would You Go To?

Post Eighty-Eight.

What? It’s different. Much less depressing or dull than this questions 87 little cousins. Yes, I give my questions family titles. Don’t know why, it’s just fun. I’m a fun guy. I give my blog titles family connections. So what? It’s cute. What? Stop judging. It’s awesome. No, actually it’s pretty meek. Hmm. Sorry, what was the question? Ah yes, another nice one. These seem to show up every ten posts. Here’s another. I’d better answer it, then.

Right, well, I suppose I had better explain it. Come to think of it, that is quite an odd question. Where do I get these from? You get the same question but instead regarding planets and you get idiots saying they’d like to land on the surface of Jupiter (they are idiots – it’s gas – you’d be crushed the second you get near it), but not moons. Moons are satellites, bodies orbiting planets. I have one in mind. I’ve dreamt about going there so many times.

I would go to Europa, slightly smaller than our moon and belonging to Jupiter. If you don’t know anything about it, I encourage you to look it up. She’s absolutely beautiful, and has one very intriguing aspect: a liquid ocean. Of course, it is an entirely theorized aspect, but let us not forget the dictionary definition of ‘theory’: an idea based upon fact. But just imagine that idea for a moment: there could be life. Every time we’ve found water on Earth there was life. That’s what I dreamt about on that moon. Giant space whales going on their merry way. A community. Life. Energy. Excitement. A whole ecosystem rich in alien beings. Man alive, that still makes my skin tingle. I’d love to go there, so very, very much.

I hope upon arrival there are giant space whales and not giant space sharks, because if there are giant space sharks, I’d think I’d wet myself.

What moon would you go to, readers?

Caio :)(:

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