If Your House Was On Fire And You Only Had Time To Grab One Thing, What Would It Be?

Post Ninety-Four.

Really? 94 posts and I haven’t done this one. Wow. That’s remarkable. For me at least. I’m sure you couldn’t care less. ‘Get on with it’, I hear you say. I presume. I don’t know what you do when reading this. I like to think you’re taking a break from making ceramic pottery.

Of course, this question is entirely dependable on your circumstances. I’m sure that if you have a wife, grabbing her would be a priority. Or the children. Or both. But you can only grab one thing. Hmm. Well, you can always remarry. Think of it this way: you’ll always have the memories.

I think I’d defy the question. It makes no sense. You have two hands. And teeth. And feet. And the underarms. And, other extremities. Sticky out bits. No reason you can’t use them, either. Yes, I’ll defy the question.

Of course, I’ll always be alone. I’ll always live alone. I’ll never marry. I’ve never have kids. I’ll never have a friend. I’ll hardly ever see my family. I’m fine with that. I knew that would be my future ten years ago. It’s not sad if it’s all you’ve ever known. You find happiness elsewhere in life. You make your own joy. For me, the only thing of any worth in that burning building would be myself. My life. The joy I find within it is worth fighting for because in such a dark world, those moments of joy are priceless. And I want to enjoy as many of those moments as possible before my final hour.

What would you save, guys?

Caio :)(:

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