Do You Like Your Name?

Post Ninety-Five.

No. Next. What? Not enough? Sigh. Okay.

Hindsight would be a wonderful ability to have. It would be fantastic to be able to see your child’s life and see how that name would stand them. At least make it something popular. A name that will blend in. Sure, we can have uncommon names, but they’re always either dorky or a bit tarty. You see people called Britney, Angelina and Tulula (I know of someone called that – sigh), and you just think ‘what the hell’. You’d’ve been better off calling little Tulula ‘Jo’. They’re just going to be bullied for ‘Tulula’. So, that’s one side of the coin, uncommon names that never generate positive reactions. But then you have my name, one of a legion of uncommon names that get’s you just as bullied as if you were named after a second rate celebrity. Naming children is a lost art.

I was originally going to be called Francis, as mum and dad were sure I was going to be a girl. I hope that if any guy is reading this, and is called ‘Francis’, that you don’t take offense to the preconceived notion of ‘Francis’ being a girly name. I think it’s a name that falls under that blurry line of belonging to both genders. I’m really glad they didn’t call me that even when I didn’t turn out to be a girl. It’s a beautiful name, but one really shouldn’t be called that around here. That would be a brave parent that would do that to their child.

For those of you who don’t know, and I have nothing against this name, my name is Alan. I like that name. It’s Gaelic for ‘handsome’. Mind you, my last name means ‘catapult’. Sigh. It’s a nice name, but I just don’t like it for me. I can’t really explain why. Most people call me Al, but personally, I prefer the rather adorable Ally. It’s a lovely name. I like that.

You can call me Ally.

Do you like your name, readers?

Caio :)(:

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