Do You Take A Shower Every Day?

Post Ninety-Six.

Yup. Wow, these are getting easier. Coming soon, Post 100: ‘Sup?

Many people don’t take a shower every day, and I think unless you don’t have shower facilities available, you should at least make an effort. Even when you’re sick. Although that’s what you’re supposed to do. I heard. Apparently, sitting down and watching TV is the worst thing to do. You have to be active and get the blood pumping. Just thought I’d let you know. Kind of my ‘resolution’ for the next 100 posts. Be more educational. And by ‘educational’, I’m of course referring to some vague probably misread knowledge deep in my brain.

People always made an effort to wash. Even in the old days. My parents remember the days of the tin bath in front of the fire in the living room. You couldn’t do that nowadays. Imagine doing that, now. If your neighbours discover your child bathing in a tin bath in front of a coal fire they’d have the government around to take said child off you. And that’s before the government health department finds the outhouse and seals off your entire neighbourhood because you pose a ‘significant health hazard’. It’s amazing how many tens of decades the UK survived just fine with this setup. I miss those days. Well, I hear they were good days. I would send my resident hobo Jules back in time in the stolen DeLorean to find out, but he’s a bit apprehensive after last time (see Post 91).

Anyway, enough of the social commentary. I’m not Jon Stewart. I’m not that handsome. Did I say that aloud? Ah. I meant – oh forget it. Yes, is the answer. That’s what I was trying to say. I suppose. Yes, I shower every day. Before bed. Not in the mornings. I’d have to get up earlier. I’m Italian. We don’t start work until 11.

Do you take a shower every day, readers? I swear that’s not as perverted as it sounds.

Caio :)(:

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