What Do You Think Of April Fool’s Day?

Post Ninety-Seven.

It’s the worst kind of evil. A malignant ball of crusty hatred wrapped inside the rotting carcass of death and disease. A spiteful piece of childish immaturity seething in its own baleful bile and putrid fungus like stench. The stench. Oh my word. That smell, one of total abandon, of torment and torture, a smell that summons images identical to its very being. I so loathe this most vile of days. It truly is the worst kind of evil.

I’m not a fun person. Recently, I’ve started not being fun because it’s quite fun, which some argue is rather hypocritical. I disagreed. Strongly disagreed. Totally, one hundred percent in disagreement with the notion of that being hypocritical. I would like to stress, I’m not entirely familiar with the word ‘hypocritical’ but I’m fairly sure I disagree with it.

People criticize people like me and say we are no fun when it comes to days like April Fools, but it’s illogical to suggest it is fun. How is making somebody else’s life total misery ‘fun’? The pain you put them through for some cheap laugh. For shame. Man, I’ve always wanted to say that. For shame. You cannot see me, but I’m saying that with a shaking fist and a deep tone to my voice. Very God-like in the rapture of my performance. If you add ‘puny mortals’ to the end of it, you might get where I’m coming from.

I’m not trying to make anyone feel bad. But the people who play these practical jokes on other people have never had to experience the trauma of having it done to them. It’s not nice. It’s mean and cruel. We should do away with this pathetic day. It serves no good. And I hope you guys aren’t getting involved with it. I like to think you’re better than that.

Am I a misery readers, or do you agree with me?

Caio :)(:

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  1. I have suffered many tricks played on me in the past and normally am rubbish at playing tricks. Having said that, I did a cracking April Fools Joke a few years ago. It came about accidentally so I think I get away with being cruel. It’s not nice when the joke’s on you though so I do agree with you slightly. :)

      • Ha ha :) Just realised I said that. There’s nothing wrong with an angry rant though. We all get angry from time to time. Has someone played an awful trick on you then? If so I understand what you’re saying. I will think twice before I get caught up in this kind of behaviour again. I didn’t think to realise how it could affect someone so. To be honest though, in my case, I’m a joker anyway and the people on the other end of my trick know me so well that they forgave me. Plus I did apologise. I will take on your thoughts so thank you :)

      • I haven’t actually had an April Fools Day prank played against me (although I’m dreading the day), it’s just the notion I don’t like. The really awful ones that really aren’t funny. Small pranks are okay, I suppose, but big, elaborate ones are the ones that frustrate me. They just don’t seem all that fun. Although if they are for revenge, it’s a different matter. If you apologise, that’s okay. At least you were sorry.

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