Have You Ever Been To Sweden?

The One-Hundreth

As To Contrive & Jive hits the milestone of ‘the one-hundredth’, I thought I‘d carry on as normal. But what’s ‘normal’ for this micro-blog? It’s very difficult to define. Especially considering how random it often is. Then it hit me, like a light bulb. Not that I’ve ever been hit with a light bulb. Actually, there was this one time, but it’s another story. Not very interesting. If you want to read about me getting hurt, I have a once weekly blog for that. No, my ‘moment’ was thus: stupidity. Sometimes on the part of the question, more often or not in regards to my intelligence. This question combines the best of both worlds.

Ah yes, Sweden. The country that gave the world ridiculously expensive tacky furniture that many people buy to look ‘cool’. I think the definition of ‘cool’ must have changed since I was a kid. But there’s more to Sweden than Ikea. Oh, yes. They gave us the quick-firing musket. The revolver, invented by a priest. The adjustable spanner. The Defibrator pulping refiner. And, the most awesome sounding invention ever: the gamma knife.

Yes, Sweden really is the place to be. Anyone who’s anyone is in Sweden. It really is magnifique. I’m sure it is. I’m sounding really sarcastic because it’s somewhere I would never go. I only do things for a reason, so I’d only go abroad for a holiday. I count exploring or expeditions or the like as ‘holidays’. As a rule of thumb, I never go anywhere on holiday with a colder than average temperature than the rather large town right next to the rather cold and blowy North Sea where I dwell. In the town, not the sea.

As the Swedes say: Vi är inte för att äta.

I hope you don’t mind this tacky add-on, but I really would like to thank all the people who’ve visited this site over the last 100 posts, the followers and all the likes. I don’t know what possessed you visit this tiny, tiny site, but it’s greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Caio :)(:

(I’d love to hear your thoughts on this post. To do so, you can leave a comment by pressing the bubble on the top right of this post and scroll to the bottom of the new page you’re taken to. Likes and follows greatly appreciated. Thanks).


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