Would You Go Bungee Jumping?

Post 101

What? Are you kidding? Bungee jumping? Seriously? That’s your question? Of course I wouldn’t. What kind of fool goes bungee jumping? Oh my word. Oh, the humanity. Seriously? Do you want me to die, perchance?

Think about it logically. There you are. Atop a very tall structure. Hundreds of feet from usually a stream of water a couple of feet deep. Lots of pebbles and rocks. And there you are. Wind whistling through your hair. The sound of silence, a bewitching symphony for your ears to digest. Your feet bound like the Mafia are about to throw you into the river. Tiny bit of rope that snaps more often than you think, attached to said feet. Some dude is there with a huge smile, a fake tan and shades who thinks he’s cool because he calls you ‘dude’. Still smiling as he pushes you to an inevitable death whilst everyone cheers. Your vocal chords torn to shreds as you scream for mercy but there isn’t any bloody mercy coming. Your wife. Oh yes, she’s there on the nearby embankment. Camera in hand with an evil smirk upon her face. You see your children watching on as their daddy hits the water, snaps his spine and crushes his skull. That’s before the piranhas show up. Yea! Happy, happy, happy! Brilliant idea! Who ever came up with this is a genius! Let’s do it again! Oh, right.

That’s my idea of bungee jumping. As you can plainly see, I’m not a fan it.

So no, I’d never go bungee jumping.

To Contrive & Jive will be off next week, but there are plenty of other pages on my other two sites that are the culmination of plenty of late nights. Many different things that perhaps you haven’t checked out. My first and third sites will continue as normal, and the blogs on the two have a huge archive you could look through, as does this site. When I’ve taken breaks before, you guys have always continued to support my three sites, and I’m very much appreciative of that.

See you in a week! :)(:

(I’d love to hear your thoughts on this post. To do so, you can leave a comment by pressing the bubble on the top right of this post and scroll to the bottom of the new page you’re taken to. Likes and follows greatly appreciated. Thanks).


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