What’s Your Greatest Attribute?

Post 106

I’ve been avoiding this one for a while. I see this question coming and I run a mile screaming. Really, I do. I think the neighbours are becoming increasingly concerned over my constant screaming. Well, you’d think so, but they’re used to it. ‘Ah, there goes little insane Ally’. Hmm. Little Insane Ally. Great name for a band. Or a brand of condom. Ahem.

I’ve been avoiding said question because most people are awful at naming their greatest attributes. And the ones who are great at it are often really extroverted and quite annoying. ‘Oh my God, like, I’m awesome, and, I have a great sense of humour, and, like, I connect with people so well, and, like, it’s just, so awesome being me’. Said in a Californian accent. The only American accent English people can do. Except Hugh Laurie. But shy people? My God. You may as well ask us to dance naked in the street. A crowded street. No problem with doing that on an empty street. Far from it.

I can’t compliment myself. I just can’t. But others have said I’m sweet, have a surreal sense of humour (I think you can all tell that), charming, nice to have around. Often women say all that. Woman always take an interest in me (they do with all shy guys), but I often feel like they’re treating me like their best gay friend. And I’m not gay. Or their friends.

What about you, guys? What’s your greatest attribute?

Ciao :)(:

Notice: I’ve been having problems with WordPress not notifying me of comments; I’ve now approved and responded to a few that I wasn’t aware of – thank you for the comments, they are appreicated. I’m now off to throttle those behind WordPress ;)

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  1. Hey, Ally. I agree with you, it’s not easy naming your greatest attributes. Some people do it all the time. I just tend to sit back and let the rest tell the world how great they are. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being shy. It takes all sorts to keep this place revolving. The place would be boring if we were all the same. Great post :)

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