What Would Your Superhero Name Be?

Post 107

I have to fire that researcher. Do I have a researcher? Oh, it’s me. Ah, well bye then. I’ve had a good run. No, I won’t fire myself. Not today. Maybe never. Well, yes, definitely out of a cannon. Not for any particular reason. Something completed disassociated with this question. Just a thought I had whilst in the middle of another thought. That I’d like to be fired out of a cannon. Most people put visiting strange and exotic lands on their bucket list. Not me. No, I have ‘being fired out of a cannon’ on my list. Hmm. My Strange Bucket List. There’s a video blog in that idea, you know. Where would I get a cannon from? Man, it’ll write itself. Sorry, where were we? Ah, yes. I’m rehired. Hoorah!

I genuinely struggled with this question and I am curious to see if any of you guys have ever thought about it. I never have. Not once. Not a single glance in my memory banks. People must think that makes me weird, but think about it logically. I’m the weird one for not knowing what my name would be if something scientifically and socially impossible happened to me: I become a superhero. Yes, that doesn’t sound mad. Yes, I’m the strange one.

As a result of this perfect logic, I felt I must give myself a superhero name that makes no sense. Totally random. Needs no explanation because of just the sheer oddity of it. Yes, my name shall be random. It need not hath a single piece of reasoning. Yes, from the moment I become a superhero, I shall be known as:

The Velvet Pretender.

Ciao :)(:

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  1. What about Random Man? You said, “My name shall be Random, after all.” My name should be ‘Special Woman’ because everyone tells me I’m Special! :)

  2. My superhero name Golden Superdog! That’s what they call me in the neighborhood. Capable scratching three fleas simultaneously, peeing on five straight mailbox posts, and leaping over two garbage cans.

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