Are You A Good Driver?

Post 111

How kind of you to ask. Are you trying to work out if you should avoid me on the road, because I can categorically say this: yes, you totally should.

I learnt to drive quite a while ago. Wasn’t very good at it, but my instructor was insistent that he’d seen worse. He said my main problem was that I ‘drove too much like someone with a licence’. I still can’t work out if that was an insult.

Oh, it was every little thing. Not checking mirrors. Which nobody does, anyway. Not indicating. Like that’s a hazard. Speeding. Mounting kerbs. I could go on, and on, but I shan’t. I think the impression you are all getting is – not great, should we say. In a straight line, I was brilliant. It’s just a straight line. It wasn’t a worry. Except when I hit a guardrail at 75 miles per hour. That’s when a tiny bit of sweat started to pour down my face.

Remarkable as it may seem, I passed first time. With only 45 lessons in the bag. Apparently, that’s average. At least that’s what I tell myself. I remember the day. “You’ve passed!” “Seriously?” I retorted. I actually said that. In a tone akin to exasperated faded enthusiasm.

So, personally, I don’t think I’m all that bad a driver. Others may disagree. That guardrail certainly does. Thank God I don’t have a car.

Ciao :)(:

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  1. I passed second time, after the auto windscreen wipers came on and I couldn’t switch them off. I tried everything, even squirted the windscreen wash up the window. I was so embarrassed. It made it worse when the examiner went “it might rain on your test.” I wanted the ground to swallow me up. So I would say you should probs avoid me on the road too. I enjoyed your post :)

    • I hated the windscreen wipers. The worst time was when I was going down a narrow winding lane in a forest with high concrete barriers on either side. I was going at about 60 miles-per-hour when it started to snow heavily and I couldn’t work out how to get the wipers on. Nightmare from hell. Glad you liked the post!

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