What Would You Do If Someone Pulled A Gun On You?

Post 117

Quietly crap myself.

Well, on Law & Order, they always talk to the dude with the gun. Stall him. Try to offer him a way out. I always got the feeling that was for suspense, and was not overly realistic. I can’t imagine doing that with a criminal in real life would work. They’d probably just shoot you, but they may burst their sides laughing at your talking tactic, at which point you make a run for it and hope you can outrun a bullet. I think, though, your chances would be pretty slim. In fact, if there weren’t a wall nearby, I’d imagine your chances would be bupkes. I think to keep us all sane, let’s forget Law and Order for a paragraph.

I’ve never really thought about what I’d do because it’s one of those serious things you don’t think about, and prey will never happen. Now I’m thinking about it and drawing a blank. Which I really hope he would do as well. In the event he aint firing blanks (ahem), I’d probably be a coward. I’d give him what he wants, do what he says, and try not to be a hero. It’s an honest answer.

I’m sure we’d all like to think we’d karate chop the fella, a move we learned watching Bruce Lee, and then twist his hand and wrestle the gun off him, à la Die Hard. Then the cops would burst in through the door and would think I was the gun-wielding maniac. I’d then be ‘interrogated’ by an Elliot Stabler type figure, have the crap kicked out of me, and he’d unrealistically get away with it for like, the fiftieth time. But none of us would do any of that.

Unless you actually are Bruce Lee.

Ciao :)(:

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