Do You Prefer Summer or Winter?

Post 123

Hmm. That’s a nice one. It’s supposed to be summer at the time of writing. It’s actually more like winter. Which is why I said that it was such a nice question. Because of that. Yes. Should I move on? Yeah, I agree.

Let’s weigh up the arguments. Summer. What is summer to me? Heat. Stuffy, sweaty heat. Dryness. Hunger. Hay fever. Heat. Although the town does look lovely. But then you have the neighbour’s kids running around the neighbourhood screaming. If you already are a migraine sufferer, like myself, the last thing you need on a summers day is kids screaming making it worse. Honestly, it’s awful. And their parents are worse. They turn their car stereos up loud and blast the music out. AND IT’S NOT ILLEGAL! Oh my word! I have lost count of how many times I have had to restrain myself from strangling those hillbillies.

So what about winter? Ah, yes. Winter. Awful snow. Nobody can get to work. Everybody has the flu. It’s freezing. Heating always packs up. Country shuts down. Floods. Ice. Schools are shut so I have the neighbour’s kids screaming constantly, which believe me, isn’t nice when you have the flu. Not to mention the fact they shoot snowballs and ice-balls at my window. Sniff. What have I done to deserve this criddle?

As you can plainly see, my answer to this question is obvious:

I need to move.

Ciao :)(:

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