Does Anything Unusual Make You Sneeze?

Post 129

Weetabix. The food comedian Jon Stewart called a building material.

It’s attributed to sneezing. There was some conspiracy going around that I first heard about like, a decade ago, that people were getting sicker and everybody was getting allergies. Apparently, 50 years ago nobody had either. I can categorically say that whoever came up with that conspiracy needs a hard slap. People aren’t getting sicker or more ill. Please don’t always believe what you read on the intertubes.

It’s frustrating when nobody believes me when I say I don’t get really sick or have allergies, because they always seem to quote the ‘getting sicker conspiracy’ and don’t seem to believe me. I don’t like that. Plus, I think it’s highly likely that any rise in allergy sufferers is down to the increase in population.

Many people don’t get very sick or have allergies. The sickest I’ve ever gotten was a really bad flu. And when it comes to allergies, I sometimes sneeze when it’s hot, but I don’t have hay fever. But when it comes to unusual sneezing…

Weetabix. I don’t know why, but now and again, I sneeze when eating Weetabix. It makes no sense, because I’m not allergic to anything it’s made of. It just makes me sneeze for some reason. Quite odd, aren’t I?

Does anything unusual make you sneeze, readers?

Ciao :)(:

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  1. How bizzare. Me too. Eating weetabix has always made me wanna sneeze. I have wondered whether it is dust particles from the broken biscs? I dunno. It happened 10mins ago, so I came online to see if it was just me.

    • Oh, thank heavens I’m not alone.

      I did consider the dust theory, but if I brush my teeth after having Weetabix (like, within an hour of eating it) I have a very strong gag reflex. But if I have toast, I’m fine.

      If you too gag after having Weetabix whilst brushing your teeth, something very strange is going on…

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