Do You Procrastinate?

Post 130

Ooh. Big fancy word. Me like. It originally meant ‘put off until tomorrow’. So essentially, and originally, procrastination was the exact of the opposite of the phrase ‘never put off till tomorrow what can be done today’. First said by Thomas Jefferson. Probably explains why he had several love children. Horny bugger.

I’ve never liked the phrase ‘never put off till tomorrow what can be done today’, because it’s one of these phrases that people say is universal but it really, really isn’t. For example, the phrase holds up if you went to give something to a local charity store, but when it comes to murdering, stalling on the subject may be best advised. In fact, it’s certainly advised. In fact, just don’t murder. I mean, I know he divorced your daughter and stole her beloved dog, but murdering him because of that is only something that happens on CSI: Miami.

So what about procrastination? It’s a funny thing. Some people who do it are doing it needlessly because they’re annoying like that, others are just indecisive. The key here is that no one is ever just one thing throughout his or her whole life. We change. Sometimes we procrastinate; sometimes we do it for one reason, sometimes another reason. Sometimes, we don’t do it at all.

For me, it’s just another part of life. Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

Do you procrastinate, readers?

Ciao :)(:

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