Have You Ever Received Flowers?

Post 131

What of it, dudes? What’s wrong with received? Other than the fact it’s a case of E before I. Look, here’s the story. I reworded that question more than enough times, and each time it sounded a little bit weirder. Weirder. Yet another word with E before I. It’s mow the sheep all over again. What is the correct word? Get flowers? Been given? Been given sounds like you didn’t want them, and that’s fantastic, because it’s completely true.

I’ve never ‘received’ flowers, before. I don’t get flower giving. I can’t imagine that I’d be overly delighted with some flowers. I’d imagine I’d ask for the receipt (another E before I) and take them back. What am I going to do with flowers? If you’re grateful for something, you thank them with conditional gifts. That is to say, gifts that suit the receiver. Now, if somebody likes flowers, I’d give them flowers. If they hated them, perhaps a pat on the back. Or a hug. But I don’t give hugs. Or get them, come to think of it.

It’s the thought that counts. But flowers? The flower giver clearly put no thought into flowers. Perhaps people know me enough to know flowers aren’t my métier. They are appreciated, and I love the idea, but flowers? Oh, jeez.

So no, I’ve never received flowers.

Have you ever received flowers, readers?

Ciao :)(:

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