What Is Your Favourite Method Of Transportation?

Post 134

Oh boy. Coming soon, Post 135: what’s your favourite way to walk. Hah. Ooh, that’s actually a great question. I’ll just add that to my list. Good. That’s something to look forward to. So, transportation. Well, we’ll need to break it down. How can one transport oneself these days?

There’s walking. Bus. Car. Segway. Train. Aeroplane. Motorcycle. Unicycle. Bicycle. Tricycle. Quadricycle. Eunicycle. Skateboarding. Skiing. Tram. Hobo piggyback. Zip wire. Space hopper. Regular hopping. Running. Hang glider. Stilts. Autogyro. Magic carpet. Those giant hamster balls from Gladiators. Internet. Probably. But which is my favourite?

From that list, there are many that arriving at work in would be a joy. The one I find myself doing most often, though, is riding the bus, which I actually enjoy. There are many stereotypes about buses, but, and I’m only speaking for where I live, almost none of them are true. Many of the drivers are very sweet and kind. Many of them do their job with a smile on their face. Plus, they are good drivers. Well, for the most part. The buses are reasonably clean. And you meet a variety of interesting characters and find yourself in a variety of unique situations. It’s fantastic. I look forward to my 40-minute bus journeys into the town centre.

Despite the ridiculous cost. Damn you, Stagecoach…

What’s your favourite method of transportation, readers?

Ciao :)(:

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