How Confident Are You About Yourself?

Post 136

This is an interesting take on the whole range of confidence questions I often find the internet is as about as riddled with as I was with worms back in ’93.

I don’t think anyone is one or the other of anything in life. You can’t be, really. No one person is 100% shy or 100% outgoing. We’re all ambiverts. Even if one side is only 1%, it’s always there. Whilst I may be shy, there are parts of me some say don’t match that assessment. The way I dress is, apparently, quite spunky. Well, I was going for ‘rock’, but, ‘spunky’? Well, now. Close enough. I like that. It’s nice to confuse people like that. A tendency for the majority to lean toward judgmentalism is all too often prevalent. I think having elements of one and the other, like I do, helps negate people’s prejudices.

When it comes to self-confidence, I think I’m an ambivert. When I look in a mirror, I think – ‘not bad – could do with a bit of tweaking, but I’ve seen worse’. I’m like that with my actions, too – ‘I can do this’. When I’m by myself, I can say and do those things, but when the eye is on me out in public, I don’t have a chance. So when it comes to confidence in myself, I try not to think about it because I’m all over the shop.

I think we’re all like that to some degree.

How confident are you about yourselves, readers?

Ciao :)(:

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