Do You Prefer Movies In A Cinema Or At Home?

Post 139

Depends on the movie. If it gets a little blue, I’m sure the answer is obvious.

The cinema is a dying craft. Gone are the days of beautiful decor adorning a beautiful cinema. Architecture and design, a soothing romance together in an awe-inspiring building. A building of art and culture, where movies became imprinted on our minds and often changed them. Picture houses where the screens were small but comfortable, like the armchairs you got to sit in with ample legroom and maximum comfort. In front of you, two massive velvet curtains with huge ropes on either side, pulled with vigour by two burly men to thrust open the curtains. Revealing picture and sound, two speakers, and that was it. No more than that. It was an event. An occasion. We had a cinema like that in this town. Stayed the same until it shut down in 1998. And then it was bulldozed in 2006, its art deco flavour eradicated for good. And that’s the way it’s gone for all old cinemas.

Now what have we got. Big blunt building crammed with seats, speakers, screens, food, commercialism and people. A pointless endeavour with no hope or glory. Far too loud. Far too modern. It’s a nuisance. We can’t make cinemas anymore. We can’t recreate the occasion or the event. I don’t want to be a part of that culture. So I choose not to go.

So for me, movies are always at home.

Ciao :)(:

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