What Could A Person Never Have Too Much Of?

Post 141

Ooh, another cerebral one. Why? Ah, well, because it makes you think, young squire. Oh, you weren’t talking about that? Ah, I see. You don’t know what cerebral means. Well, quite simply, cerebral pertains or relates to the brain, or to the cerebrum, of the nature of or analogous to the brain. Understand? Good. Because that’s not strictly the definition I was referring to, but if you can understand something that complex, then you can understand the actual meaning I was referring to. You see, what I was referring to was intellect.

What does humankind need? Air. We can have too much air. Food. We can have too much food. Water. We can have too much water. Exercise. We can have too much exercise. Good living, happy heart, stress free existence. We also can have too much of this. Because too much would make us Ned Flanders-esque, and that would be irritating to have to live with, ergo, I’m deeming too much of it, ridiculous. The same applies with love. You can smother and therefore cripple someone with too much. Difficult, isn’t it?

You see, there isn’t anything a person could never have too much of. It’s called restraint and that’s what grounds us. In fact, in my eyes, the only thing humankind can never have enough of is war. Because we’ll always have war and there’ll always be a hunger for another one. Sadly.

Can you answer this question, readers?

Ciao :)(:

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