How Would You Describe The World Inside Your Mind?

Post 150

For my milestone 150th post, I thought I’d try my hand at answering a question I can’t quite get the grasp of. Seems to be the way things are around here. Complete cluelessness. Cluelessness. What an odd word. Fun to say. Cluelessness. Are you saying it? Good. Goody goodykins.

The world inside my mind. I’m imagining that this is a psychiatrist or psychologist type of question. One of them. I don’t know which. They both sound enough alike for me to reach the conclusion that they’re identical. Which is one of two reasons I’m hoping none of them are reading. One being that I might’ve just insulted them and two being that I may give much away about my inner workings. But I think it says a lot about my character that I simply cannot grasp what this question is asking. But I’ll give it a good old go.

My mind is eclectic. A random assortment of great and confusing variety that makes about as much sense as a convent rave. A whizzing multitude of ideas and thoughts, making the small things difficult to concentrate on but making everything incredibly fun. Because I do not know what my brain is going to do next. I’m indecisive. Or not. I can’t do fifty things at once. Little things catch my attention. It doesn’t make a great deal of sense. Especially when other parts of my mind are so incredibly mundane and predictable. I’m one thing and then another.

The world inside my mind then, is incredibly weird.

Here’s a challenge readers – can you answer this question? Best answer gets a free rubber duck. Only 25 pounds.

Ciao :)(:

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