Do You Wear A Wristwatch?

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Coming up is a long paragraph explaining what my problem with the question is.

Wristwatch? I’ve always had a problem with that word, so much so, that I firmly believe that Oxford should remove it from the dictionary. A dictionary, by the way, that still has ‘defenestrate’ in it, meaning ‘to throw out of a window’. Why do I have a problem with it? Well, young squires, it’s simple: what other type of watches are there? We don’t use the word watch for ANY other type of clock. Except in ‘pocket watch’. But who’s still carrying around a pocket watch these days? Think about it. When was the last time you heard somebody call a wall clock a ‘wallwatch’? Wristwatch? Pah! What stupidity.

Despite ‘wristwatch’ being a nice word, I’m going to stick to ‘watch’ and hope and pray you know what I’m on about. I had a watch. Lovely, too. But the strap broke and it couldn’t be repaired. So I found some ingenuity, stapled the two halves of a piece of Velcro onto the two ends of the strap and used it like that for a couple of years. Until it got tiresome. I was then without watch for some time until my brother bought me one for my 22nd birthday. I love it. I wear it a lot. But not in the shower. Yet.

The only shame with wearing a watch is that people often ask me why I wear it on the wrong wrist. I’m left handed and I wear it on my right wrist. I don’t know how to answer that question because it makes me want to weep for humanity because we’ve now reached a stage in our evolution whereby watch etiquette is considered important. Sigh.

Do you wear a wristwatch, readers, and, more importantly, do you own a wallwatch?

Ciao :)(:

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