Do You Use Twitter?

Post 156

I had the same reaction I have for all modern technology when I first heard of this twitosphere (believe me, twit was the kind word I went for). The thought was this: what in the name of all that’s holy inspired the makers of this latest fad to call it Twitter? Have you read the bumf of the drugged up young hippy dude gentleman who came up with it?

“We wanted to capture that sensation that you’re buzzing in your friend’s pocket. We came up with the word ‘twitch’, because the phone vibrates when it moves. But ‘twitch’ sounded stupid. So we looked in a dictionary and found a related word ‘twitter’, meaning ‘a short burst of inconsequential information’ and ‘chirps from birds’”. Forgive me for this, but he sounds like a complete tool. Sounds like he’s trying to be clever regarding his fancy new invention that makes about as much sense as Twitter being ‘chirps from birds’.

I’ve had name issues with much of modern technology, so I shan’t harp on about it. It’s just that I find the name ‘Twitter’ conjures up its reason to exist, and that makes me sad. What happened to people donning the bowler hat, walking cane, pocket watch and going for a merry old strut to the teahouse for a cup of tea and a scone with ones friends? It’s been vanquished along with all other proper forms of communication and socializing. Life has gone from teahouse characters to 140 characters.

I get the point of Twitter, but it’s not for me. I’m just getting used to this electronic mailing. I believe the kids call it an ‘e-mail’. And I’m not a fan of the YouTube, Face-‘welcome to the home of debauched morality’-book, and the like. I’m staying clear, quite rightly, of this latest internet fad. This Tweetmare. Although I have an awful feeling it won’t go away. Well, not without some ‘persuasion’. That would call for an evil scheme.

I’ll need a wingback chair and a cat to stroke.

Ciao :)(:

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