What Type Of Hair Do You Have?

Post 157

Luxurious, long flowing locks that make all the girls scream. Why are you laughing? Stop laughing. Really. Stop it. It’s mean. I’m telling. That stopped you. Hah. I was never really going to tell on you. Or was I? Hmm. Even I’m not sure. My brain is kinda all over the place. Hah. Pickles. Sorry, where was I? Oh yes, I’m having a breakdown. Or is it dance? Hah. I’ve completely lost my marbles.

My hair, as you know, is long. Well, more ‘medium-length’. If you don’t know the story, I’ll tell it again. I couldn’t be bothered getting my hair cut. It’s such a hassle. Such a faff. Such a misery. I thought, ‘meh, it’ll be fine’. But it wasn’t fine. It was thick. Greasy. Curly. Looking at me was like looking at a photo of yourself from the ‘80s. So I got it cut. And then my peers were all ‘oh my God, what the heck happened? You looked so cool’. That was irritating. So I grew it long again. And that summer, I started straightening it, taking real good care of it, and I got a brand new wardrobe. And some new clothes to fill it.

I like my hair. No one else does, but I think it suits me. It suits my personality and it suits my unique flare. Not that I have any flare. It’s just, at this moment in time, flare is an incredibly fun thing to say when drunk.

What type of hair do I have? Gorgeous hair. And I don’t care what anyone thinks of it.

As you can see by my header, this blog has turned one year old. I never thought it would get as many likes, views and followers as it has. Honestly, I wasn’t even expecting 100 views in a year, never mind 1000+. I didn’t even think I could keep the blog going for this many questions, but I have, and I really can’t thank every reader enough for the support. I do really appreciate every like, view, and follow, and even though it simply isn’t possible to return the favour to every blogger, I try my best and the interest means the world to me. It may not be the biggest blog in the world and it doesn’t have many tens of thousands of views, but I’ve always remained adamant that one hit is enough to put a massive smile on my face. I really hope year two is just as wonderful for me as year one has been. Thank you all.

Ciao :)(:

(I’d love to hear your thoughts on this post. To do so, you can leave a comment by pressing the bubble on the top right of this post and scroll to the bottom of the new page to where it says ‘leave a reply’. Likes and follows greatly appreciated. Thanks)


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