Are There Causes You Feel Like Crusading For?

Post 162

Crusading? What is this, the middle ages? Why is crusading still in the dictionary? Does anybody crusade these days? “Oi Dave, I’m just going for a crusade and a pie”. What is a crusade? It’s a word we’re familiar with, but define it. It’s like trying to define the word sock. ‘It’s a thing, one wears on and over the foot, feet; made of cotton or wool, or something else, sort of, different colours, erm, oh heck’.

A crusade is a series of actions advancing a principle or tending toward a particular end. Good word. We should use it more often. Don’t know how, because even that definition is a bit of a befuddlement. I suppose the question is referring to charity. And we know the world needs help. People are starving, homeless, alone, thirsty and are dying of all kinds of diseases. They are true causes worth crusading for.

I think if everybody gives something to someone at points in life then it’s a personal crusade won. You don’t have be big and bold. You don’t have to be Madonna and in Africa facing danger drilling for water and stealing children. Give something to charity. Clothes, money, food. That’s a crusade. And you’ll feel better for it and so will someone else.

Little things make a big difference.

Ciao :)(:

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