What Is The Worst Injury You Have Ever Had?

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Oh boy, where do I start?

If you read my main blog, you’ll know all too well that I’m accident-prone. I fell on a fire once. That was a bit of a bad day. I’ve broken my finger, too. I was walking backwards (don’t ask why) and I tripped over a rock on the ground. I fell backwards and I put my right hand out, as you do, to soften the fall. Somehow, my right index finger hit the ground first and bent backwards. My body landed on the palm of my hand snapping the bone in my finger as its tip met my wrist. Whilst agonizingly painful, the morphine was delightful. I didn’t get any drugs, though, that time I tripped over a Christmas Tree and sprained my wrist. Or that time I slid down that bank because it was icy and kept sliding for a considerable amount of time, leaving me unable to walk properly for quite some time. And I haven’t even mentioned the time I fell out of the attic. Or the dog attacks. Or that time I got a golf club thrown at me.

All that seriously happened. My life is full of painful whimsy.

The worst injury though, was my knee. I was running a 110-yard race in secondary school, I heard a loud crunch and crack and I tumbled to the ground. Turned out my knee had crapped out on me. Shattered a bone or two. Not nice. I couldn’t bend my knee for a month as and a result I ended up walking like House for a bit. I was left with a small limp but it looks like a swagger, so I never bothered getting it fixed. Because I look cool.

What’s the worst injury you’ve ever had, readers?

Ciao :)(:

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