Are You Mindful Of Your Manners?

Post 175

I think one must define ‘manners’.

Say please and thank you. Chew with your mouth closed. Take your hat off in church. Wipe your feet. Ask to be excused from the dinner table. Open doors for people behind you. Don’t skip in a queue. Don’t stare. Don’t point. Watch your language in front of children. Wait until everyone is ready to eat before you start eating. Put the toilet seat down. Use a tissue when wiping ones nose. Cover your mouth when you cough, sneeze or yawn. Always wash the hands. Ladies first. Make eye contact when speaking to someone. Don’t fart in public. Be polite. We could go on all day with these.

Manners are something I’ve taught myself over the years. Although from the list above, the only ones I do, I think I do because I see it as common sense. Please and thank you. Wipe your feet. Don’t skip in a queue. Cover your mouth. Wash your hands. Be polite.

The rest? Well, who cares? Who wears hats indoors? What’s a dinner table? Children have always learnt to swear from other kids, you can’t guard them from it. I never stand up on the loo, anyway. A tissue? What’s wrong with a sleeve? Don’t fart in public? Moving on.

Am I mindful of my manners? Sort of, I guess, although I think it’s something we don’t think about that often these days.

Are you mindful of your manners, readers?

Ciao :)(:

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