What Is Your Favourite Musical Instrument?

Post 183

Nearly 200 questions and I haven’t covered musical instruments? I never fail to be impressed by my researching élan. And by researching, I’m of course, completely lying. No research goes into these questions. It’s a miracle that I’ve got to 183.

There are so many wonderful, unique instruments in the world that produce such wonderful and unique sounds, the wonder and uniqueness of which is a unique wonderment in its own unique wonderness. The clavichord, the kaisatsuko, the glass armonica, the Appalachian dulcimer, the musical saw, the Ondes Martenot, the autoharp, the bazantar, the bağlama, the gravikord, the berimbau, the cajón and the Chapman stick.

Some of my favourites include the ajaeng, a cello like stringed instrument with a hint of violin in its sound. It’s a large instrument, but varies in size. It’s a sound like a cello but more raspy. I find it beautiful and moving. But not sad. Then there’s the birbynė, a Lithuanian instrument best described to a layman like me as ‘flute-like’. It has a beautiful, classical melody with a faint hint of a haunting tone. Its sound tells a story.

But my out and out favourite is the archlute. Very hard to describe it. It’s a stringed instrument and, unsurprisingly, it’s a lot like a lute, but with a long, straight neck. There’s something so calming and beautiful about it, its rhythms are enchanting and almost hypnotically alluring. It’s like something you’d hear in an instrumental post-rock song. It has artistry in its gorgeous organic body and an equally as great artistry in the fingers of its player. There’s something classical and otherworldly to its tones. Really, only two words can sum it up.

Wonderful and unique.

As you all know, I’m crap with technology, and what I’ve attempted to do is a first for me. There should be a video below of a dude playing the archlute. If not, Google it. If so, woohoo, I’m a genius. Enjoy.

Ciao :)(:

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    • No, I didn’t. What a wonderfully strange event. I often wonder if this is just me, but when I hear the sound, I hear a female opera singer’s voice recorded on a really old device. It almost crackles. It’s a brilliant sound.

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