What Is Your Handwriting Like?

Post 184

Is it apparent yet that I’m running out of questions?

My handwriting is illegible. Hasn’t changed in 10 years. You know, they say all this handwriting analysis is complete nonsense, and indeed, that has been scientifically proven, but it’s scary how accurate it is. For something that science has proven to be false, it’s incredible that the majority of us seem to prove otherwise. It makes you wonder what else science has gotten wrong. I bet pigs can fly after all.

Small handwriting? Tick. Means I’m shy and methodical. Large spacing? Tick. Means I enjoy my freedom, working on my own schedule, and enjoy not being overcrowded. Rounded letters? Tick. Means I’m artistic. No loopy letters? Tick. Means I’m reclusive. Letter dots right over the letter? Tick. Means I have an eye for detail and organization. Writing toward the left of the page? Tick. Means I’m living in the past. Writing slowly? Tick. Means I’m organized, methodical and self-reliant.

There are lots of those. All true for me. To some degree or another. But I don’t think as much emphasis should be placed on it as there is. People’s handwriting is like a part of their character. And one’s character is susceptible to change, changes brought on by mood and circumstance.

I don’t think it’s that important, really.

What is your handwriting like, readers?

Ciao :)(:

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