What Is Your Favourite Possession?

Post 190

Do people have favourites? I often feel like it’s just me that doesn’t. Favourites. Why have favourites? If you have a group of possessions and one is your favourite, then why do you have a group of possessions? Why not abandon one’s possessions and stick with the favourite?

If one has a large selection of shoes, one is going to have a favourite pair. Now, it would stand to reason that, logically speaking, the thing to do would be to strip oneself of the other pairs of shoes. Otherwise, why have a favourite? The reason one has a large group of shoes is that one needs them for different things, for durability, variety, etcetera. It makes no sense to have a favourite, as they’re all equal. Ergo, we shouldn’t have favourites.

I use this logic with everything and people keep coming back at me with the line, “What? You don’t have a favourite! What kind of complete moron are you?” Colour, shirts, drinks – you name it, nobody will listen to logic! But most people don’t think like me; they don’t see my ‘favourites are stupid’ theory.

Now, I have to carry on. With this blog, answering questions that must be of a wide variety and that will mean that I’ll occasionally bump into these types of questions. Otherwise, I’d have run out of decent questions long ago. Some argue I’ve never actually had a decent question, and to be honest, they’re completely correct. But I must answer. And to be honest, I don’t have a favourite possession. I don’t give a hoot. So I’ll just pick something at random. Erm. Ooh. What about that? Yes, let’s have that wonderful possession.

My           .

Ha, ha, ha.

Ciao :)(:

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