How Would You Describe Your Voice And Do You Like It?

Post 192

A bit naff. There’s a British expression for you. Something that has a loveable oafish quality to which is its only merit. Certainly not a positive expression. Not quite terrible or unredeemable, but not great either. A bit naff.

British expressions are rather strange to others. You can apply many of them to my voice. Arse over face. Slightly au fait. Barmy. A load of old cobblers. Daft. A tad dodgy. Gormless. Knackered. Shambolic. At sixes and sevens. But, you know, horses for courses.

As you are all obviously now aware, I’m not overly fond of my own voice. I heard my own voice for the first time last year, from a recording. You don’t think you’re gonna sound like how you sound like, so you end up sounding like someone you don’t sound like, rather than someone you do sound like, leaving you sounding like someone you don’t want to sound like but thinking you sound like the person you don’t sound like. Essentially, you have someone else’s voice to others but a private voice for yourself to enjoy. It’s hard to sum that voice up. I literally cannot describe or summarize that voice at all. It begs the following question: does your voice sound like how you hear it, or does it sound like how a recording of it sounds? Because, to me, they sound like two completely different people.

This could escalate into a ‘what is real’ philosophical debate, and I don’t have the time, space or willpower to bother with that. But what I will say is this: you can’t help how you naturally sound. I think I sound like a bit of a pillock (there’s another one for you), but some people say otherwise. Who’s right? Who cares?

I’m indifferent to my indescribable sexy voice.

Ciao :)(:

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