Is There One Thing You Wish Was Never Invented?

Post 193

I suppose answering this would be unfair to the inventor. This was my initial thought upon reading this question. My second thought was that I must not say something obviously terrible. Like the atomic bomb. I don’t think there’s a good Human alive that would wish it existed. This obvious rule makes this a very difficult question to answer.

A list of inventions that have personally irked the bejebus out of me starts with tamagotchis, Japanese for ‘egg watch’, showing us how tragic the world was before the internet. The Segway was pointless. Fake tan highlighted the problem with peer pressure. Midnight gambling shows gave an audience to drunks and stoners. Hotels made from ice. Seriously, why? Reality shows. Enough said. The battery powered battery charger. Australia’s only ever invention, the rotary washing line (sorry, Bruce). The helicopter ejection seat (Google it). Rub on tattoos for wannabe idiots. The list is endless. The baby mop!

But which thing do I wish was never invented? Personally, I’d say my alarm clock. If I can’t say something obviously awful like a bomb or a gun, I’d go for that. It destroys you, and how it does it, is vindictive. It’s not healthy, either. And the ones that wake you with light are so incredibly expensive. It’d be cheaper to buy the Sun. So I’ll suffer. With that crappy clock.

Blasted thing.

Is there one thing you wish was never invented, readers?

Ciao :)(:

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