What Has Been Your Favourite Holiday?

Post 198

Or vacation. For those of you ungrammatically correct. You see, holiday comes from ‘holy day’, or ‘a day to engage in recreational pursuits, free from labour’. Vacation means to vacate somewhere, literally to leave a place and not come back. If that’s your intention, enjoy life in Tahiti. If not, I’ll see you in two weeks. And bring me back a Tahiti bride.

The Americans are just trying to be different from the rest of the world, often without regard for – oh, what’s the word? Erm. Oh yes. Rules. But rules are made to be broken. That’s what people say. It’s nonsense though, isn’t it? Rules aren’t made to be broken. They are there to be adhered to. If you break a rule, you’re a very naughty person. Or an anarchist. Or a hippy. Or an American. Not that they care. Or should. Bless their little cotton socks.

I’ve been on many holidacations. Very lucky. I didn’t want to go on them but the alternative was to stay with any one of my eleven uncles. Grandparents would’ve been fun but that was a problem considering they’ve been dead for over 35 years. Ibiza was fun. Everything comes with alcohol. Very strong liquor indeed. Most of it is free. Wonderful place. Some call it heaven. I suspect these people are drunks.

My favourite holiday was New York for my 18th birthday. Lovely place. Lovely people. Well, interesting people. Characterful would be a good description. Friendly. Funny. Full of stories. A city with great architecture. The best ice creams on Earth. I was on an episode of Law & Order. In the background somewhere at Grand Central. The view of the camera wasn’t in the direction I was walking, but I love that show, so I made its angle my direction.

It’s also a very sad place but one with an amazing strength that’s awe-inspiring and made it such a wonderful trip.

New York, my favourite [INSERT PREFERENCE HERE].

Ciao :)(:

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