Do You Still Write In Cursive?

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Okay, hands up who thought cursive meant swearing. Okay. That’s quite a lot. Writing in swearing, although fun, is ill advised. You’d be kicked out of work pretty damn quickly. Unless your boss was turned on by it. That rebellious streak in you. In which case, I’d quit if I were you.

Of course, factors surrounding the offer of taking the matter further would have to be taken under consideration. For example, if you hated those you worked with and wanted to get the upper hand on them whilst someone was getting their upper hand on – yes, you get the picture.

Is it a sad reflection of where we are that this question should be asked at all? Even 10 years ago, I didn’t envisage a future of cursive being under threat. But people don’t write that often. In fact, we have gotten to a stage in our evolution whereby the definitions of words don’t mean what they mean. To write is, in my world, to pick up a pen and write. But it can mean to type an email. To read is, in my world, to pick up a book and read it. But nowadays, reading one of these nonsensical electronic doohickies constitutes reading. I miss the good old days of 2003. When ‘twitter’ meant ‘a lively chat’ and ‘twit’ was a name of a man who thinks the notion of Twitter is a good idea.

Cursive is dying. People don’t do it much. I think it’s premature to say cursive has completely gone, although it’s fading away at a worrying pace, to such an extent that when I pick up a pen it takes me time to get used to it. It’s probably the reason my handwriting hasn’t evolved much since they invented these computermatrons.

I do write in cursive, with handwriting like a 10-year-olds, but very rarely.

Sad days indeed.

Do you still write in cursive, readers?

Ciao :)(:

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