Can Love Be Found Via The Internet?

Post 205

Ah, the World Wide Web. 10 years ago, if you told me that people would be dating online I would have laughed my socks off. Do you remember what the internet was like 10 years ago? No. Of course not. Neither do I. Because nobody had it! This world has changed beyond recognition. In only 10 years, we’ve gone from the crappy ‘90s of super dullness to the crappy ‘10s of excitable ultra-hyperactivity. That change is what happens when you give nerds millions of dollars.

Imagine trying to network on the intertubes a decade ago. Many of us, I included, had, at best, access to the simple messaging sites that took a ridiculous amount of time to load and you were limited to what you could do and say. “Michael, I love –“ beep, boop, thud, crash, thunder, explosion. “Oh no! What does Jane love! Me? Shoes? The shopkeep?”

And people were formal.

“Dear Michael, I thank you with kindest regards for taking me to the ballroom and, afterwards, out for ice-cream by the lake. For out next rendezvous, I suggest this delightful flick called Casablanca, playing at The Elite picturehouse – only two shillings per person! If you’re lucky, I may even – ooh, dare I say it! Yes, I must! I may even, just for you, in private, take my hat off. Ooh, saucy”.

I miss those days.

Have you seen how formal people are nowadays on Facebook?

“Mikey, cheers darling chuck for hooking me big time with the loving in the alley; dude, I got no cares for the twelfth Legally Blonde shizzle, no probs, yo. You gots any weed?”

I don’t like these days.

Times have changed. Love stays the same. The internet nowadays is the coffee shop of the yesterdays. I’d prefer the coffee shop, the picturehouse, a walk by the lake. That’s because I’m old-fashioned. The internet is new-fashioned.

Why can’t one find love on the internet, or indeed, anywhere?

(Within reason, of course).

Ciao :)(:

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